Paige — I’m NOT a Donald Trump Supporter … ‘Calm Down Dummies’

trump donald paige alberto del rio el patron not supporter

Injured WWE Superstar Paige wants to make one thing clear, she’s NOT a Trump supporter — despite how the calendar on her wall made it seem.

Paige and Alberto El Patron posted a photo on Twitter yesterday promoting AJ Lee’s new book and fans with a keen eye noticed their Trump calendar on the wall.

Despite Alberto being very open about his beliefs on the current President, fans were quick to react — causing the Total Divas star to post a follow up tweet. “Calm down dummies. It’s a calendar that is making fun. Relax. You guys are too much.”

Anyone who had bought a pitchfork already, you can return it now.

  • Louis

    Borrowing Eli Drake’s line.

  • Rinse Vusso

    “You guys”? What does she mean, “you guys”? That’s racist!