Paige’s Dad — PISSED OFF Over WWE’s Upcoming UK Championship Event in Norwich (AUDIO)

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WWE‘s announcement of another United Kingdom Championship event has the UK wrestling world buzzing … but one person who isn’t happy about it is Paige‘s dad, Ricky Knight.

Ricky was interviewed by BBC Radio Norfolk and said, “To me the timing is absolutely crap, and I think there’s a conspiracy somewhere.”

For those unaware, Knight’s wrestling promotion WAW is running events this Friday and Saturday out of Epic Studios in Norwich — which happens to be the same venue of WWE’s two-day event in May — and according to Knight, the announcement was made specifically to derail their ticket sales.

Paige’s brother Zak Zodiac tried to be more polite with his response saying, “It’s the same anywhere you go. Once you see someone doing well you want a bit of that pie.”

But Knight was having none of it.

“The could’ve left it until Monday. They know we’re doing so well. They follow us religiously, it seems like they do. They would’ve known this is the biggest weekend in WAW history. To me they wanted to cut us open with the announcement this morning and putting their tickets sales on tonight. But tough guys, because this is going to be a sellout tonight anyway. Go and do your best.”

Hear the full interview below.

  • THAT guy

    LMAO. This guy is warped.

  • Royale with Crowne

    Man this family complains a lot. WWE is co-funding a movie about them, which they surely got a big cut for selling the story of.

    • Rinse Vusso

      WWE is doing it reluctantly as a favor to Rock, stop making it sound like WWE is all about the Knights’ well-being. Take Rock out of the equation and WWE tells Paige and her whole family to jump off a bridge. Then they try to take over the English market. That’s your precious WWE, wake up.