Chris Jericho and PAC Confirm Involvement in All Elite Wrestling (VIDEO)

pac chris jericho all elite wrestling rally press conference

Former WWE stars Chris Jericho and Neville aka PAC confirmed they’re part of All Elite Wrestling on Tuesday during the promotion’s rally. 

The PAC announcement came after Hangman Page promised to be the first AEW champion. He was then interrupted by Dragon Gate champ PAC, who took umbrage with Page’s statement. 

The press conference ended later with Chris Jericho interrupting Conrad Thompson and announcing he’s “All In” with All Elite Wrestling. Y2J also confirmed he’d be at Double or Nothing. 

In case you missed it, Double or Nothing will take place on May 25 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. A second AEW event will take place in Jacksonville later in 2019. 

During a post-rally interview, AEW President Tony Khan said they’re hoping to give health benefits to wrestlers working for the company. 

CLICK HERE for a full rundown from the event or watch the press conference below.

  • Philip Bolin

    Jericho lied. He’s only gonna work for wwe in America. Well Cody and his rubbish in ring skills can have old man Jericho. Those who defend that or say Cody is worth a crap only say that because they hate wwe. Oh we want cussing and violence, oh we want this guy pushed. Wwe obliges, boring boring cm punk cm punk. Worthless fans aren’t needed. I’m wwe for life. You want to live in the attitude era, go watch the network

    • Jesus Janica

      How old are you buddy? You sound like a child bitching about people who like the direction Jericho is taking with AEW.. WWE has been garbage ever since they switched to PG, that’s a fact, so please stop fanboying over WWE which has grown stale and repetitive.

    • Sean Murrell

      If you understood wrestling, it’s a business. But more importantly, wrestlers know how to work the fans, media, etc. I’ve heard about this promise, and I’ve also heard he actually negotiated very recently with WWE perhaps to appear at Royal Rumble. Did Vince acknowledge this promise, perhaps Vince promised Chris something? Bottom line, Jericho as swerved everyone and he’s good at it which is why people love him. True wrestling fans want to be worked. When Jericho is a heel he doesn’t want people cheering him, in other words he’s working them. This promise may have been nothing more than a work period. BTW Cody for the record is a great, and improved worker (but he is no Kenny Omega). But guess what, it was him and his friends that had the balls to believe in themselves and take risks. Now Cody doesn’t have to be the alpha, he can be a VP with his friends. If you’ve read his statement, he is now in his dream job.

  • Kiwassa Lou DiFigliano

    Just give us a proper Goldberg-Jericho match… Finally..

  • Louis

    PAC’s going to be the hottest non-WWE wrestler this year.

    • Sean Murrell

      I was hoping he was going to be at All In. Yesterday I was hoping for something else, and didn’t think of PAC as I thought he was under contract with Dragon Gate. What was cool is I didn’t recognise the music when it hit. But then he was on stage, and it was shocking. Not sure if he is going to be the hottest, but he’s going to likely have his best career work in the next couple of years. Before I was hoping he was going to NJPW. I’m now glad he didn’t and is coming here instead.