Two NXT Call-Ups Wrestled Prior to Raw (PHOTOS)

nxt call ups debut main roster lacey evans ec3

Two of the soon-to-debut NXT call-ups wrestled in dark matches on Monday night prior to Raw.

According to an on-site correspondent, Lacey Evans kicked things off wrestling Natalya. We’re told Evans was given a lot of offense during the match, including a middle-to-top rope moonsault. 

The finish saw Lacey attempt another moonsault, only to have Nattie pull her feet out and lock in the sharpshooter for a submission victory.

This was followed by EC3 vs. Curt Hawkins in a short match that ended with Ethan hitting the 1 Percent for the victory.

According to Post Wrestling’s John Pollock, these were only dark matches and not for the show Main Event as it appeared to those in attendance. 

Check out a few photos from their matches below. 

  • Louis

    Good luck to EC3. His gimmick is tough to work over in the WWE without having the backstory of his gimmick there to help him.

    • Kiwassa Lou DiFigliano

      They’re still pushing him as rich dude… So we have that.

      • Louis

        You’re right about Omega. Looks like he is going to AEW.

        • Kiwassa Lou DiFigliano

          Makes the most sense considering who’s gonna be booking there.
          I’m sure he’ll be an exception to the “equal pay rule.”