NWA Set to Run 70th Anniversary Show

The National Wrestling Alliance will host a 70th anniversary show in October that promises to “honor the fighting spirit and big-bout feel worthy of the NWA name.”

Since Billy Corgan took over, the NWA has largely been relegated to heavyweight championship rather than a promotion that runs traditional shows … with the champion being featured on their YouTube series called “Ten Pounds of Gold.”

That changes on October 21 at the Nashville Fairgrounds, however, with an event that will be produced in association with Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Entertainment and stream on FITE TV. The title will be defended by either current champ Nick Aldis — or his “All In” challenger Cody Rhodes.

“It’s such an honor to be leading this historic brand into its next chapter,” NWA owner Billy Corgan said in a news release. “The enduring legacy of the National Wrestling Alliance — the men who forged it and the champions who defended it — illuminate our path in 2018. This event celebrates our first full year shepherding this brand while honoring the everlasting milestones, legends and champions of the NWA.”

The NWA folks also announced the return of the NWA National title for the Nashville event.

More matches and talent will be announced in coming weeks.

  • Louis

    TNA leftovers: Billy Corgan and Jeff Jarrett.

    Billy’s just wasting time with revamping NWA. It’s a worthless name. More folks think of it as a rap group with Cube and Dre.

    • Lou DiFigliano #Deleted

      It isn’t a rap group?


      • Louis

        I made my return to Wrestlezone.

        Check out “Impact Wrestling Viewership Rises” story.

        • Lou DiFigliano #Deleted

          Nice… I blocked that AE guy you replied to. Lol

    • Impactwrestling

      are you the same idiot face of the wrestling internet that had the old guy as a profile photo ?

      • Louis

        What the fuck you talking about, asshole? You on crack?

        This thread is 9 days old? What? You got slow wi-fi, motherfucker?

        To answer your dumbass question. No.

        Now go fuck yourself.

        • Voltron Shakespeare

          Lol everyone doesn’t live on Pro Wrestling Sheet like you, bud.

          • Louis

            Motherfucker you created a disqus account 4 hours ago!!!!!

            Suck my dick, “bud.”

    • Arnchair Meltzer

      After the success of ALL IN the Elite single handedly resurrected the NWA and the NWA title. In two years watch how many ppl end up eating their words