NJPW Provides Update on Hiromu Takahashi Following Neck Injury

Hiromu Takahashi new japan njpw medical update neck

New Japan Pro Wrestling has provided an update on Hiromu Takahashi, who injured his neck during the G1 Special in San Francisco.

The injury occurred during a Phoenix-plex gone wrong from Dragon Lee and NJPW’s website reports Hiromu was taken to the hospital after the match.

For those who missed it, the Los Ingobernables de Japon stable member continued to wrestle after hitting the top of his head and reportedly may have collapsed when he walked backstage.

According to NJPW, Takahashi is “in a state that can sit and talk with consciousness” — which sounds like a step in the right direction — while undergoing examinations.

No additional information was given, but we’ll report back once more is made available.

  • sandman14769

    🙁 wishing him a speedy recovery

  • Mr.Greed

    Get well soon Timebomb.

  • Dare

    Despite this I still like the hard-hitting style of NJPW over the cookie-cutter boring WWE style. There should be a balance where safety is the priority but the product can still be exciting. As for that move Takahashi took, I’m not sure that move should ever be used, can that even be done safely at all?

    • http://webchannel24.com K.C. Hunter

      ^ this. But we’ll see extremes in either direction from people who like nothing more to do than pump their chests (see: Disco Inferno, Jim Cornette) even though a fellow brother in the business is injured … you’d think they’d know better than to use that as a way to promote themselves but I digress.

      Will Ospreay on his Facebook live the other day did discuss this and quite simply said it’s a discussion for the boys who work the style, not for everyone else. I can’t disagree with that.

  • Louis

    Get well, man.

  • Louis

    One thing I noticed about NJPW is their wrestling rings. The distance from the top rope to the mat is very small. Not enough space to do high flying moves. So, I am surprised that there has not been more injuries.

  • Vance

    Kurt Angle won a gold medal with a, “broken friggin’ neck.” Best wishes, and get well soon, Hiromu.