Alberto Del Rio — Gets Into Real-Life Altercation with Ninja Turtle Luchador Character (UPDATED)

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a force to be reckoned with … but when a knock-off Raphael got into a backstage altercation with Alberto Del Rio last night in Mexico, he got shell shocked.

According to Super LuchasDel Rio and girlfriend Paige attended an IWRG show last night in Mexico where Del Rio’s brother was wrestling in the main event. At some point, the couple made their way backstage where ADR allegedly got into a fight with Ninja Turtle Rafy.

Rafy is part of the stable called Los Tortugas Ninja.

The fight reportedly spilled out of the locker room and into the hallway leading to the main floor of the arena where it was witnessed by fans.

The reason for the fight is not immediately clear, but it was said to be a one-sided affair — with Rafy getting the worst of the damage. The turtle wrestler updated his Facebook Monday morning and the translation roughly says that he got into a fight and threw punches with someone, but he’s not hurt.

While Del Rio has yet to comment on the alleged events, he did post a picture of Paige and himself on Twitter in the midnight hours with a caption reading, “Good night marks”

Kevin Nash aka Super Shredder would be proud.

UPDATE: Del Rio just tweeted about the incident. He said, “Just to clarify. If you inappropriately touch my fiancee in front of my face you have to prepare to learn a lesson.