Nikki Bella Says John Cena Bought Her a House For 5th Anniversary (VIDEO)

anniversary john cena nikki bella house video gift

To celebrate their fifth anniversary as a couple, John Cena went all out for Nikki Bella by getting her a card … AND A NEW HOUSE!

Nikki and Brie Bella spoke with Extra on the red carpet of the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night and when asked what Cena got her to celebrate their milestone anniversary last Wednesday, Nikki said, “So a new house in San Diego. It’s because he’s so big! So, you know, you need a bigger space.”

The Bella Twin also revealed that she and Cena are in talks to feature their wedding on Total Bellas.

Check out out interview in the video below.

  • Jack Gray

    Yeah John has a lot of money 52M $

  • Mark Kausch

    To buy a new – or old – house in San Diego, you GOTTA have a lot of money.

  • omega86

    5th anniversary as a couple… so, they’re not married…Why we celebrating anniversaries for unofficial shit.

    • Angel Loks

      They are engaged right now not married they’re finances to one another right now .. and even if you’re married or engaged or just boyfriend and girlfriend you still have an anniversary so what are you tripping about ?? 😂🤔💀💯s