Nikki Bella — Cleared By Doctors For WWE Return

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Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned it’s only a matter of time before we see Nikki Bella back in a WWE ring … because doctors have officially cleared her for a return.

As we previously reported, Nikki started training again last month and was waiting to get the green light from WWE’s medical staff. We’re told that’s finally happened.

No word yet as to when she’ll return, or on what brand.

We broke the story back in March … which stated The Fearless One could only come back on a part-time basis if her surgery was a success. Our sources say that’s still the case, and she’s been instructed by WWE officials to take things slow upon her return.

Rejoice, for the Queen will soon be back.

  • A2J

    I’m thinks she replaces Eva on Sunday. It’d be an upgrade if she does, at least Nikki tries.

  • chris bradley

    She could very well replace eva Marie at summer slam

  • Botero

    The Women’s Division has been so good without you…..STAY GONE!!!!

  • Fernando Alcázar

    Excellent investigative job by Ryan and his team. The exclusives keep getting better and better

  • http://Pro%20wrestling%20sheet Jonathan

    We wish that Nikki will comming back for summerslam

  • Wwe fan

    Nikki could replace Eva Marie

  • Wwe fan

    It would be nice to see Nikki back in the ring again

  • Wwe fan

    Nikki should come back on summer slam

  • Wwe😍

    Nikki is WAY better than Eva, she should replace her

  • Sammy brothers

    Nicki Bella will be the new WWE women’s champion because Sammy brothers is always fearless

  • Jibin Jose

    I think she should come back as the face not as a heel.replacing Eva would make her heel turn once again. Instead Naomi or Carmella should betray their team before the match,so that Nikki can join Becky Lynch

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  • Anonymous

    eva marie should be kicked out

  • judy savage

    Cant wait till you get back you are a class act. You and your sister are a class act. I hope that you come back and beat the #!#& out of charolotte and then we can watch a true champ. Best wishes. A real fan. Love ya

  • Anonymous

    Very happy and excited for Stephanie Nicole aka Nikki Bella return to the WWE so much. She deserves this so much with all the training and working out that herself have been doing. Can’t wait to see which brand that nikki will go through. And how her comeback will all played out.

  • http://Wwe Fatima bint Mohamed abdi

    I hope she come back at summerslam 2016

  • Anonymous


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