Nikki Bella — Attempting to Avoid Neck Surgery for Bulging Discs

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Former WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella is trying to avoid going under the knife to fix the bulging discs in her neck … and Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned the injury could have ended her career.

Sources close to the situation tell us the discs are pushing on Nikki’s spinal cord — and she’s got extra fluid in her central nervous system — which means taking another bump could have paralyzed the 31 year-old “Total Divas” star.

We’re told Nikki Bella is hoping constant rehabilitation on her neck will heal the injury, instead of getting surgery, and she’s been working on it up to 8 times a day.

No word on when she’ll return to television.

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31 Comments on "Nikki Bella — Attempting to Avoid Neck Surgery for Bulging Discs"

  1. Nikki Bella I hope you feel better soon and I will send you this week and then I will be able to get the chance to look it up on my cell phone.

  2. Nikki I hope you get better real soon don’t let this end your career you’re the best wrestler I’ve seen next to john cena my thoughts and prayers are with you

  3. Nikki I’m Praying That You Have An Speedy Recovery, You’re One Of The Best, Get Well Soon. You’re In My Family Prayers Daily.

  4. hope you get well soon nikki. miss you in the ring so much. but right now it important to get this problem with your neck straighten out.

  5. Oh man……………anything that involves an operation on a neck or back is scary. Hope she gets better.

  6. praying hard for you return to ring and the wwe.

  7. Hope u get better soon prayers

  8. Nikki i miss seeing you. On tv you and your sister got me in to wrestling, i hated wrestling untill i saw the Twin magic. And ever since ive always rooted for you guys, i hope and pray that you get better because the Diva division needs you.#StrongFemale always

  9. Hi Nikki…Prayers out to you.Hope you have a wonderful future whatever you do in your life. Take care

  10. Nothing wrong with her.

  11. Not a fan of the bella’s but this sucks. Get better and get back in the ring where u belong.

  12. Get better soon Nikki. Hopefully you will be able to get back in the ring and do your thing Girl!!!

  13. I wish you all the best. Get well soon. My prayers are with you that you can return to wrestling. You are missed!!
    Hugs, Steve from Mn

  14. My prayers & thoughts goes out to you Niki, it’s not the same without you, you bring some much positive energy to WWE both you and your sister, God takes care of his own & make no mistake you are a child of God, wishing you a speedy recovery, God Bless!

  15. Nikkie I hope u feel better soon. I miss seeing u on tv. Ur one thegreatest divas of all time. Get a speedy recover full

  16. Hi Nikki,
    Hope everything is fine on your rehabilitation and hope to see you at the ring soon. God bless !

    Michaeleong (singapore)

  17. Isaiah Oluwole | November 17, 2015 at 9:30 pm | Reply

    Nikki, get well soon. May the Lord fix the problem without the knife. You and your sister are colourful, strong, and exciting to watch. This is certainly not the end of your career.

  18. get well nikki, my wife and i miss you..just take care of yourself first and don’t rush back..nothing is worth what you risk..take care and God bless.

  19. The Only Female Cena Hater XD | November 18, 2015 at 6:59 am | Reply

    Don’t worry, Cena will take care of it. I meant the cost. LOL

  20. I hope she has to retire and takes the the whole divas division with her they are all awful

  21. Nikki I hope you get better soon wrestling is not the same with out you and I know you will get your title back

  22. i hope nikki u will recover soon from injury my pray is with u u r the best wrestler ever

  23. Raghavender Reddy | December 15, 2015 at 8:37 am | Reply

    I hope Nikki will recover from injury and john can take care on you

  24. From one Arizona girl to another hang tough

  25. I hope you can return to the ring. You and your sister are both good looking girls,but you are the definition of sexy

  26. Hi nikki hope you get better i love you

  27. Hi nikki my name is giulia and i am 6 years old and i hope you get better

  28. Hi Nikki,i wish you a speedy recovery and know that WWE fans always love you #DIVA

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