Raw Tag Team Champion Nicholas is Referee John Cone’s Son

nicholas john cone wwe wrestlemania braun strowman son video

New Raw tag team champ Nicholas has apparently been around the business for a long time … because he’s referee John Cone‘s son.

For those who missed it, Braun’s surprise partner was a “random” kid he picked from the crowd and after the show we received a few tips saying he’s Cone’s real-life child.

After doing some social media sleuthing, we’ve confirmed that to be true.

Check out Strowman’s interview with Nicholas after the show.

  • Louis

    Wow. This is dumb. I didn’t see the show just reading results but to do this is WCW bad.

    • Jennifer Anne Bangstrom

      I can see why you’d say that. IMO, this is kind of different–the idea being that Strowman can win the tag team championship singlehandedly. So it’s not in the same league as David Arquette. I’ll be REALLY surprised if WWE has Nicholas doing a string of title defenses like WCW did with Arquette. But yeah, I get what you’re saying. (I thought it was cute, though.)

      • Louis

        For me, if they were going to go this route, they should have picked the Jarrius kid. He’s a likable kid and would have been a legit feel good moment.

    • Fandango

      Get over it, man.

      • Louis

        Fuck you.

  • Louis

    They should have used the Jarius JJ kid as a tag team partner. That would have made sense and a better moment than some kid who is the son pf a referee most WWE fans don’t even know.

    • Crueltea

      I just thought Nicolas was some random Make-A-Wish kid. So instead, we just have some referee’s son going in the Hall of Fame for doing absolutely nothing (of course it’ll happen)

  • Elaine House

    So he is a refs son.

  • Gene Q.

    That kid has better mic skills than Roman. I was on the edge of my seat.

  • Chris

    This storyline is an insult to the fans intelligence. What happens tonight on Raw? You know the kid isn’t going to be there permanently so, how does this work? Are they gonna strip him of the belt and, hold a tournament? Or does he get a real partner & get to keep the belts.

    • Crueltea

      Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy will beat Braun Strowman for the titles tonight and then throw Nicholas into the Lake of Reincarnation

      • Crueltea

        He’ll resurface again in 10 years as a tag team with King Maxel

      • Crueltea

        “Little Nicholas has been deleted!”

  • http://www.twitter.com/johnboyadvance JohnBoyAdvance

    Was John Cone the ref for the match?

    Because The Bar could claim it was nepotism and thus regain the tag belts tonight?

    • Crueltea

      I knew the whole thing was rigged.

      • http://www.twitter.com/johnboyadvance JohnBoyAdvance

        I might have put more thought in it than WWE.

      • Syced

        the whole thing is rigged, wrestlers tend to know what the outcome is to be before the match is even started.(other wrestlers not involved in the match will not know but the guys in it sure do)