Nia Jax Update Following Rumored Walkout

nia jax update release request rumors leave of absence

There’s a rumor going around stating Nia Jax possibly pulled a Neville recently by walking out of Raw … and while we’re told it doesn’t appear as though she quit, here’s what we know.

The rumors began today when a Twitter account — same one who spread word of Neville’s walkout — tweeted about rumors of Nia also being upset and possibly walking out of Raw last week.

Our sources were unable to confirm if she left the show angrily … however, we’re told Jax HAS been granted a leave of absence for personal reasons by management. It’s unclear how long she’ll be gone or what spawned her decision.

We’re told filming for Total Divas is complete, so this likely won’t affect her role on the show.

  • metɡɑɭɑ™₆₁₂₅ ʷᵃʳʳ’ºʳˢ ˢᵗʳºⁿᵍ

    This is sad news. Raw, WWE, needs Nia Jax.

    • Lee Schofield

      Lol no.

  • Shane Davis

    P nasty on the dirty dirt

  • Vince

    The mac rib is out , she’s probably taking vacation to live at McDonald’s for a while.

    • Lee Schofield


      • Duncan

        Mc nuggets

  • Kathleen Doris

    I hope this is true and permanent. Nia is horrible.

  • Joe Gooch

    I don’t watch this show and don’t see how anybody could, just wanted to comment that whoever they are talking about here is not a woman, that is obviously a man. Disgusting how these mutant perverts are infiltrating our society. Transgender of any sort = mutant pervert btw. F@#k the NFL!

    • Albert Ray D’Orazio

      Joe, go away Russian. Or are you a delusional conservative Republican? So what if she’s transgender? What the hell is it to you? Are you saying there’s something wrong with women? You need to educate yourself and mind your own damn business

      • WonderZimms

        He’s just jealous because he wouldn’t know what to do with a woman (who, you know, was born a woman) like Savelina Fanene.

  • fashionvalley

    How quick your forget Awesome Kong, Nia is just the latest, she’ll certainly be back and BIGGER than ever!
    ps: the Rock will start putting his relatives into his movies…

  • Sycho Vicious Sid Justice

    The guy who reported the story of Nia being unhappy about creative and low pay was Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated. The same guy who reported that Anthem will sell GFW. So far, Anthem still owns them. I would avoid the SI guy.

  • Sycho Vicious Sid Justice

    Ryan Satin, you are the best. You actually do your job and do the proper research of reporting news and telling us, the readers, what is true and what is not. You are the best. Unlike the bozo’s who call themselves wrestling journalists and basically make up shit and put 2 and 2 together to come up with a story.

    Mad props to you Ryan!