WATCH: Nia Jax Entered the Mens’ Royal Rumble and It Didn’t End Well For Her

nia jax royal rumble wwe video

Nia Jax joined the short list of female participants who have entered the men’s Royal Rumble match on Sunday, but it didn’t go as she planned. 

It all went down after Nia attacked R-Truth during his entrance and took his number 30 spot in the match. She then mixed it up with her male counterparts and eliminated Mustafa Ali. 

Jax eventually came face-to-face with Randy Orton, but she stopped his RKO attempt. 

NIa’s run was short-lived though … as moments later she was hit with a superkick by Dolph Ziggler, then a 619 from Rey Mysterio and an RKO from Randy Orton before being eliminated. 

Watch the video below. 

  • Janay

    This was unexpected. It seems like WWE maybe getting into legit intergender wrestling again. Nia took each finish like a champ and best of all she didn’t injure anyone. I don’t get all the hate. Ali isn’t buried (considering he wasn’t winning anyways and will only truly be buried if you the fans abandon him otherwise, realistically he’s going on to feud w/ Joe and do big things). Fans made comments in the past about women being able to hit the men and they do nothing and claiming it wasn’t equality involving the evolution. Now, they do and its burn the witch. A few weeks ago, didn’t everyone lose their minds when Becky tossed Cena out the ring and said she was taking over his spot? Speaking of her, it makes me wonder: are people only hating it because it was Nia who did it and it’s natural and instilled in a lot of you to just hate on WWE? If were Becky or from any indy company (Brandi spearing guys), fans would/do eat that shit up gladly. Fans really need to get over and out of their own way of enjoying things. Half of the current fans really couldn’t have handled the Attitude Era if this upset you.

  • ColeMiner Lou DiFigliano

    Look at the fool who wants “legit intergender wrestling…”

    SMDH… Stay in school folks.

    • Brent B.

      Well when she is wrestling guys over the next few months we will remember who was foolish. You are really cool kid.

      • ColeMiner Lou DiFigliano

        Naw man. No interest in intergender matches. Anyone pining for that has something wrong with them. They can do it all they want – that makes them just as dumb.

        • Brent B.

          Not saying I want it but don’t hate it in the right situations and Nia could be one to do it. Way I see it Nia is going to be without a big match on ppv for quite a while after the tag tourney for this next one. She is lucky she got another one last Dec for being careless. Losing twice this last year on ppv she may not get a ppv match against a woman for some time.
          If she is fighting guys she will have a new road to high profile matches if they are with talent like Dean (though seems like possible punishment if he is leaving). Jericho worked with Chyna back in the day though and came out of it just fine but it was also I way to make Jeff Jarrett look kinda bad on his way out.