WWE’s Mae Young Classic Gets a New Logo (PHOTO)

new logo mae young classic wwe tournament

Say goodbye to that basic looking Mae Young Classic logo … because WWE spruced it up a bit before the tournament begins later this month.

The company quietly changed the MYC logos on their social media pages, as well as on WWE.com, to reflect the new look/color scheme — which now features a lot of blue.

For those keeping track at home … WWE has confirmed 13 names so far. The list of wrestlers includes Kairi Hojo, Evie, Viper, Toni Storm, Tessa Blanchard and more.

Plus, the event’s commentary team will feature Lita and Jim Ross.

Do you like the logo’s new design, seen below? Sound off in the comments.

  • Sameer Thaver

    that logo is sweet… very flowing! Can’t wait for its start up

  • Sameer Thaver

    oops… is the new one on the top or bottom? If its asking between one and the other, the bottom one is BEST!

  • Louis

    Looks lame.

  • Salvador Rodriguez

    Wich one is it? if its the one on the bottom it looks like a race for the
    womens cure