Update on Neville Following Rumored Release Request

neville release request rumor wwe

There’s a rumor going around stating Neville requested his release from WWE last night … and while we haven’t been able to confirm it quite yet, here’s what we know.

Sources say Neville was initially scheduled to lose to Enzo Amore in the main event lumberjack match on Raw. However, plans changed after the ex-cruiserweight champion walked out before the show.

In case you missed it, Kalisto was given the spot instead and won the Cruiserweight title.

While our sources haven’t been able to confirm this information officially, an account using the handle @WrestleVotes tweeted today saying Neville quit and most people we’ve spoken with say there does appear to be some truth in that claim.

It’s worth noting that not all wrestlers who ask for a release are immediately granted their request.

We’ll keep you updated if further information is made available.

  • Jeff thomas

    That’s a bummer If true…id imagine working hard and getting passed up for enzo like that would harbor some anger

  • Jamie Henry

    What a sore loser if true.

    • Ech

      Why is this page full of retards? Ew… guess i’ll go back to NoDQ.

      • Bobby Ewing

        who knows and jamie who are you to call neville a sore loser

    • Christy Mcdermott

      Mate, you really need to wind that bad taste in. Looked at a few of your posts. Roman fan and Jinder fan. You’re either a contrarian or an anti-smark, I dunno which is more autistic.


      • Tuan Kacang

        I don’t hate Jinder/Roman, but still, having Neville out of the company is quite a bummer.

  • Michael Grooms

    Neville is someone that should be facing AJ Styles and Finn Balor and instead they have him lose to Enzo Amore. He was pigeonholed into that dead division and was likely never going to get out.

    • KFC Owens

      Truth 🐓🏁

    • Carle87

      how’s he going to face Styles or Balor if he doesnt lose the low card title first you genius? Neville is not a mark he doesnt care losing to Enzo, he may care being trapped on that division.

    • JayMuggah

      I think it’s more to that story, remember AA quit because they wouldn’t include his and Neville’s pre-show fight on the WM DVD thus blocking them from receiving royalties for WM. I’m pretty sure that was the 5th sour taste in his mouth.

      tbh, he is one of the people who gave that division some life…. and it’s sad that WWE isn’t looking at 205 as nothing but a Pet project, it has way more potential.

    • Chris Roy

      The Cruiserweight division saved him, he was going absolutely nowhere on the main roster anytime soon. Would probably only be showing up on Main Event (if that’s even still a thing) instead he was on RAW every week and 205 getting storylines. The CW division was a blessing for him not a curse.

      • 3D

        >>>>The Cruiserweight division saved him, he was going absolutely nowhere on the main roster anytime soon. <<<<

        That's just another way of saying the same thing. They were misusing him on the main roster, stupidly, then 205 Live came along and they stuck him there and let him be a "badass" against other small guys WWE wants nothing to do with.

        Jobbing to fuckin' Enzo Amore over and over is not a "blessing".

        • Chris Roy

          Well to be fair that was only recent, what about the last year when Neville was running over everybody? He wasn’t going anywhere and the CW division at least gave him direction and some great matches. It’s better than what he was getting previously. I hope he stays and I hope they use him because his heel persona has been great, but right now I can’t see where he’d fit in apart from the CW division.

          • 3D

            You can’t see where he’d fit in because WWE is booked like shit. He doesn’t fit into their hierarchical structure, because it’s a mess.

            In a good company without a senile old codger who lost his mind 15 years ago still heavily influencing the policy, he could easily be a main eventer. In 1999 WWE he would easily be a main eventer.

          • Chris Roy

            Sorry man, I just can’t agree with that. You actually think if Neville was in1999 would be booked against the likes of Austin, Rock, Taker, HHH, Foley etc? He would have even less of a chance in the ’99 roster than he has today.

          • tophat1984

            I really like Neville as an entertainer, and he has some of the best air work goin in WWE, but he really doesn’t have a spot on the main roster… I would expect him to run over most of the bottom tier guys, but he doesn’t belong in the ring with guys that are 250+ on average.. suspension of disbelief only goes so far and for so long. I mean honestly, if they did a dark match between Karl Anderson and Neville, anyone who hasn’t seen 205 Live would expect Karl Anderson to run Neville over, and that’s the very reason Neville peaked on 205 Live.

    • http://bungostraydogs.wikia.com/wiki/Ryunosuke_Akutagawa Ryūnosuke Akutagawa

      WWE is bakaa! Aho!

  • Gocubs2010


    • Bobby Ewing


  • Kellen Barrett

    Well he wont be hurting for work if true. Im sure CIMA would like to see him again. He’d make a great JR for new japan.

    • Travis Boyle

      His heel run really did elevate him in my eyes. Not that my opinion matters much. lol.

  • MamaBear3

    Enzo sucks. Thee end

  • borogirl54

    I think Neville will be better off in NJPW and ROH. I can imagine the matches that he would have against Will Osprey, KUSHIDA, Hiromu Takahashi, and the rest of the wrestlers there.

    • http://bungostraydogs.wikia.com/wiki/Ryunosuke_Akutagawa Ryūnosuke Akutagawa

      probbably NJPW I want to watch more of his Red Arrow

      • borogirl54

        I agree. I love his Red Arrow finisher.

  • El Hijo De Fistfight

    There’s a reason Austin Aries wanted out.

    • Carle87

      You think you are smart, but you arent. Aries said he wanted to heal injuries and a time out of wrestling.

      • Sean Kumar Sinha

        You ever stop and think Aries said that because he’s professional and wasn’t trying to get himself blackballed from WWE by airing his dirty laundry and telling everybody at how shitty the company and the writers were at using him properly?

      • JayMuggah

        Alot of backstage reports said he was pissed off with writers weakly, He was upset about being in the cruiserweight division, upset him and neville weren’t on the WM DVD(royalties) and how they wouldn’t give him a championship even though he deserved it. He also didn’t originally want to be on NXT so I’ve heard….

        • silvaring

          Thats probably why he hardly put any effort into his character while he was there. Work rate in the ring was also very average.

        • El Hijo De Fistfight

          The NXT thing bugs me because he should have been able to dominate there for a while. The injury was a blessing and curse, it turned him into a mouth piece which became must see but then it cornered him into the division of the damned. FREE AKIRA TOZAWA

      • Sean Mullen

        Says the guy who can’t spell “aren’t”.

        • Lüke Hellwÿck

          Technically he can spell it, he just missed an apostrophe.

          • Sean Mullen

            So, spelled incorrectly…gotcha.

      • Tuan Kacang

        If he wanted a time off, why don’t he switch to a part time or non-performing contract? Vince should know that his worker is trying to heal from his injury.

      • El Hijo De Fistfight

        Those are things you say when you don’t want to burn a bridge and have a book to push. I can assure you, he wasn’t thrilled to lose 3 matches in a row to Neville for the title for no good reason. He saw the writing on the wall. Now he’s keeping his mouth shut because his wife is working in NXT.

      • Y.C.C.L

        Aries is legit wrestling in a ton of indies now that his 90 day closure is done. He left because WWE booking was shit

  • jrock2310

    Good for him. Anytime someone can take control of their careers, i fully support them.

  • International Problem Dragon

    time for my big homie to go back to dragon gate 😀

  • Mordecai Jones

    He’s the finest pro wrestler in America. Let’s get him to Japan ASAP.

    • http://twitter.com/NotoriousJBP Jesus Baca

      Does AJ Styles not count?

      • Mordecai Jones

        A close 2nd

  • Doug Zimmerman

    Neville vs Ospreay for the IWGP Jr title is a dream match. NJPW is so much better than WWE already, adding Neville would be a coup.

  • http://www.jeffreyskidmore.com Jeffrey Skidmore

    How do we know this isn’t an elaborate work to reposition him back on one of the main roster shows and just written as an apparent walk-out. It would be a genuis piece of writing if he stays away til Survivor Series then comes back as a mystery partner for a team.

    • 3D

      Yeah, but this is WWE we are talking about. It’s not that it’s *impossible* they’re writing an intricate, months-long work/shoot storyline — but just look at their body of work. Occam’s razor says they just jobbed out a good wrestler to a clown and pissed him off and he left.

      It’s what they do.

      • El Hijo De Fistfight

        Akam* & Rezar* according to the WWE 🙂

  • silvaring

    Please be a work, please be a work … please be a work.

  • Louis

    Go to Impact Wrestling man who defies gravity!!!!!!

    • Louis

      And before anyone tells me Neville would never go to Impact Wrestling…GO F YOURSELF!!!💩💩💩👅👌👊👋💪🙌

      • Robstar Hoodlum


        fuck that company

        • Louis

          Fuck you, BITCH.

          • Michael F

            Company died long ago, get real. No one wants anything to do with a sinking ship. They had the best thing going for a long time, and they killed it. Bye TNA GFW Impact (who knows what name is next lol) Dead

          • Louis

            Shut the fuck up, loser.

          • Michael F

            I can’t. Don’t you see my face? Thank you, fuck you too, bye

          • Louis

            Suck a bag of dicks, puta.

      • http://bungostraydogs.wikia.com/wiki/Ryunosuke_Akutagawa Ryūnosuke Akutagawa

        i want to see (the man that wwe forgots)neville vs Low ki(agent 47) that would be interesting……..

  • kynky

    Can’t wait to see him turn up in Progress…. Wasted in WWE.

  • Porsche Anderson

    I thought y’all didn’t report on rumors.

  • Ayoub Berrahel

    Neville is just a glorified Jobber and the Cruiserweight devision is the best thing that happened to him, no interesting charachter, and nothing to show for as a maineventer