Mojo Rawley Grinds All Over the Runway at Celeb Fashion Show (VIDEO)

mojo rawley celebrity fashion show wild video

Warning: Playing the song “Pony” around Mojo Rawley will cause an extreme pelvic reaction from the wrestler … just watch this video for proof.

Mojo took part in the David Alan Celebrity Fashion Show on Friday night in Pittsburgh and hit the stage wearing a Zubaz suit as Ginuwine’s hit song from the 90s played.

As you’ll see in the video, Rawley is all business on the runway and even pulls a photographer closer to his pelvic region using a few ties that were knotted together.

To be completely honest, it looks more like a scene out of Magic Mike than Project Runway … but the full video is entertaining as hell. Enjoy!

  • Louis

    Mojo a moron.