The Miz — GOES OFF During Talking Smack … Causes Daniel Bryan to Walk Off (VIDEO)

miz daniel bryan talking smack video

A heated argument between The Miz and Daniel Bryan led to the SmackDown Live GM walking off of Talking Smack tonight — and the video is intense!

Miz was SET OFF Tuesday evening after Daniel said he doesn’t have respect for the IC champ … explaining, “To me you wrestle like a coward.  You wrestle like somebody who is afraid to get hit.”

The series of events that follow are worth watching, so we won’t spoil too much.

Just know it includes Mizanin being one of the best talkers in the industry, Renee Young and Maryse hilariously trying to stay out of the way and Daniel Bryan angrily walking off the set.

Was there a hint of reality involved in the segment? Watch the video and decide for yourself.

  • Kev

    Loved the passion just wished it showed more in his in ring work. Let’s face facts here Miz has always talked a good a game but when it comes to wrestling he’s nothing to watch. He does wrestle like a coward though the that is the shtick of his character but I would say he wrestles extremely safe. As to why he has no 5 star matches or any 4 star matches. He doesn’t bring prestige to that title he brings it a sense of safeness if that’s a word. Its not bad nor good that he has the title. Bringing it prestige would like how Cena brought prestige to the US Title. Hell Rusev did a great job with it before Cena took it and afterwards.

  • Anonymous

    Love stuff like this, where you can’t tell if it’s real or fake, either way I’m sure Vince is gonna want to play off this, hopefully… Doubt it, btw Daniel walking off set makes him look like a bitch either way, miz up 1-0

  • Rob

    The way they switched to a wide camera shot angle right before he walked off (allowing them to show the walk off better) tells me this is a work.