Mike and Maria Kanellis Recently Requested Releases from WWE

mike maria kanellis request release wwe contract

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned Mike and Maria Kannellis recently asked for WWE officials to release them from their contracts. 

Sources tell us the Kanellis’ have been unhappy with the way they’ve been used in WWE for awhile and finally made the decision a few weeks ago to request their releases.

Mike Kanellis has also once again started selling new shirts on Pro Wrestling Tees

Mike and Maria Kannellis signed with WWE in April of 2017 and debuted in June at Money in the Bank. Months later, Mike revealed he had been battling addiction and Maria announced she was pregnant. The duo weren’t used much on TV after that, until recently resurfacing on 205 Live.

According to CageMatch.net, Mike Kanellis wrestled on SmackDown Live a total of four times since signing with WWE. The rest of his appearances were largely relegated to Main Event and live events. 

FYI — WWE doesn’t always grant release requests, so it’s possible nothing comes of this and the couple are simply paid to sit at home until the deal expires. 

  • Kiwassa Lou DiFigliano

    Hilarious. Two hacks show up and take advantage of WWE right off the bat.
    Here’s a case where I wouldn’t blame Vince for being petty and burying them beyond belief before their contract is up.

    If I was AEW or any other promotion – I’d be very wary of giving them a contract. Buyer beware.

    • Jay Fyou


      • Macho Man Savage

        New wrestling company that went with stupid name instead of what I suggested. I am not going to repeat the initials because I am manifesting myself some money to start my own wrestling company. I can reveal that I will sign John Cena to a contract.

    • regularman

      Um……but Vince already buried them.

      • Kiwassa Lou DiFigliano

        “Hold my beer,” – Vince.

      • Philip Bolin

        When you’re not over and average in the ring, you bury yourself. Wwe can’t make everyone a star

    • EYECON

      Wow dude way to drink the Vince Juice. They’re not hacks They weren’t being used from jump street so I would ask for my release as well.

      • Kiwassa Lou DiFigliano

        Pfft. They’re the definition of hacks. It was clear WWE had something lined up for them when they debuted. Then Mike ran to WWE sponsored rehab and Maria took maternity leave. And, oh yeah he’s a nobody at best.

  • CraigPW1984

    Well they both had something going when they first arrived although it was very short-lived. Stuff like addiction and pregnancy and being off tv for so long is only going to get people no longer interested.

    • Jay Fyou

      Their gimmicks were cringe worthy. They were going no where!

  • Zack Webster

    Wow and this news comes out the same day that supposedly the Revival have asked for their releases also.

  • burning_justice

    Between this and the Revival supposedly requesting their releases, makes me wonder if this coincides with the emergence of AEW.

    • Philip Bolin

      I highly doubt the revival did, all hearsay

  • Louis

    I don’t know if I can categorize this in the how ballsy or in the nerve of them.

    Still Mike and Maria treated the WWE like a welfare system. They both made money without doing any actual work. Mike got cleaned and sober on WWE’s dime and Maria was able to have a baby and chill at home on WWE’s dime.

  • Louis

    I have to disagree with my buddy Kiwassa Lou. If I were Impact, I would take them back.

    I can see them in AEW with Mike’s friendship with Cody Rhodes. Cody’s debut match and quick feud in TNA was with Mike and Maria.

    I hope they gobnon exclusive that would allow them to work anywhere.

  • Janay

    No offense they haven’t been used because right after they debuted Mike went to rehab and Maria got preggo. Then once they returned, they were put on 205.. The fans don’t know who they are beside the former Diva whos husband took her last name holding hands in the name of love. They never established who they are. Fan response means a lot in WWE and who gets used. No one is reacting to them. Another act in need of a character refresh. Now if they stay great, if they don’t great. If I’m going to be honest, I don’t think these two would be missed by fans right now considering we don’t see them to begin w/.


    And I get it they got pregnant and Mike was in rehab but after that was over they could have used them on Smackdown. Vince just chose not too so I can’t blame them for wanting out

  • Jeff Atkins

    I remember Mike Bennett was taking shots at Impact Wrestling on his way out to sign with the WWE. How does that karma taste, bud?