Michelle Beadle — Buries the Hatchet With WWE … Talk With the Boss Set Things in Motion

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Michelle Beadle is done boycotting WWE … and Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned the change of heart occurred after she got a phone call from Vince McMahon.

Sources close to the situation tell us the ESPN anchor received a call from Vince a few months back and the boss was extremely understanding about why she made the decision to stop watching.

For those unaware, Beadle publicly announced she was boycotting WWE last year due to Triple H‘s friendship with Floyd Mayweather.

We’re told Michelle accepted the invite to RAW last night though because she felt like enough time had passed and talking to the current World Heavyweight Champ was the right thing to do. Plus, Beadle now understands that not everyone is gonna feel the same way as her about Mayweather.

Our sources say the conversation went smoothly, and based on the photo they snapped — both sides are clearly happy to have made amends.

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  • James

    Wasn’t her initial reason why she had a disagreement was because of CM Punk, her, and AJ Lee? Now that AJ Lee and Punk are gone, well not hard to say there were probably a good amount of going off on the two former wrestlers.