Michael Hayes Invites Cody Rhodes to Team With Goldust at WWE Starrcade

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Starrcade was the creation of Dusty Rhodes and WWE producer Michael Hayes wants to honor that by having Cody Rhodes and his brother Goldust team at the upcoming live event.

As we previously reported, WWE announced this morning that they’d be reviving the Starrcade name for a live event in Greensboro, North Carolina next month and Cody reacted on Twitter by saying, “Dear If you’re afraid an event won’t sell cuz’ the holiday and want one of my Dad’s events…at least book Goldy..”

Hayes responded by saying, “So Cody, UR right we should have Goldy on the show, by the way, what R U doing that night??? Wanna team with UR Brother?”

Would you like to see the ROH World Champion make an appearance at Starrcade? Sound off below.

  • vic rector

    Id love to see this

  • Osama Bin Liftin’

    Looks like Hayes called his bluff.

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008226816244 SinDelle Morte

    …what? Just… what? Reviving Starrcade??

  • Cyrus Horsley

    That to me would be a big event for cody Rhodes

  • DrAndro

    I can see Vince agreeing to have the ROH champion job to New Day in a tag match to open Starrcade.

    • philmcknight

      No. Opening match would be against James Elsworth who would no sell Cody’s offense like early Undertaker matches.

  • John Shanks

    That will never happen Cody is hot on the Indy’s and to come to a WWE show would be made to job out and kill his run

    • Sean Kumar Sinha

      If Cody gets to perform at a WWE PPV for one night only, win or lose, all it does is make him an even hotter commodity on the indies. Quit being a mark and thinking a loss would matter.

      • Johnny Randall

        Marks calling other people marks. Hilarious.

        • Sean Kumar Sinha

          Says the fucking loser who ONLY comments on pro wrestling boards.

  • jordan rayburn

    If he’s allowed to show off his gold during the show hell yeah!

  • DFDude

    I would LOVE this. And I could see them go over two if they give Goldy the pin.

  • Franco

    Let him bring the ROH title to the ring with him, and an American Nightmare BC shirt. Almost make it like an invasion. A one manned invasion at least. Have Goldy stuck in a handicap match with no one to help him. Then Cody comes out to save his brother.

  • Jeal321

    Dusting off the Stardust gear in anticipation.

  • Mike R

    That would be Awe-some, but it up to Cody WWE.