Renee Young Defends Michael Cole Being Part of Evolution Commentary Team

renee young michael cole evolution commentary defend

Michael Cole was announced as part of the commentary team at Evolution and (like usual) a portion of people were angry about it on the internet — leading Renee Young to defend the decision.

For those who missed the announcement … the commentary team at this weekend’s all women’s event will be Cole, Young and Beth Phoenix. Plus, Paige will be on the pre-show panel and Lilian Garcia will return to assist with ring announcing. 

Fans were quick to point out on social media that Michael Cole is, in fact, not a woman and on Wednesday morning Renee Young responded

“Yeah, just because it’s an all women’s PPV doesn’t mean we’re banning the men,” she tweeted. “We’re all celebrating the women’s achievements. And there have been men that have been a big help in the achievements that all of the women have made too. It’s a team effort. Equality = everyone.”

There ya have it folks, now maybe simmer down. 

  • GC

    Not a big fan of Cole, but I don’t know that I could listen to an all female commentary team. Watching the MYC I honestly have a hard time telling whether Renee or Beth is talking sometimes.

  • Lou DiFigliano #Deleted

    Cole gets a lot of shit… But, he’s light years ahead of any lady WWE could prop up as an announcer.

  • Jonas LaClaque

    everybody knows Michael Cole was born with a vagina anyway

  • sam Wilson

    no one mentions refs

  • Louis
    • Lou DiFigliano #Deleted

      Someone should tweet Renee that video of Cole bashing the divas and calling them hacks.