Lucha Underground’s Melissa Santos Sorta-Kinda Put Through a Table at WrestleCon Event (VIDEO)

melissa santos table wrestlecon video lucha underground johnny mundo brian cage

The female voice of Lucha Underground got in on the action Friday at WrestleCon in Orlando … but it didn’t end well for Melissa Santos, because she was promptly put through a table.

It all went down during a TLC match between Brian Cage and Johnny Mundo at the SuperShow Friday night after Santos busted out an impressive kick on the ex-WWE star and he retaliated.

Watch the video below to see Mundo spear Melissa through a table (while taking most of the blow himself) and be sad you’re not at WrestleMania just like everyone else at home right now.

::insert sad face emoji::

  • Louis

    What’s the point of doing dangerous spots like that if many won’t be able to see it except through social media? Should save that for an episode1 of LU.

    • Timothy Smith

      That spot would look terrible on tv. It was a terrible spear, Johnny clearly took the whole impact on a rigged table, that led to an awkward crowd reaction.