Mae Young Classic — Lita and Jim Ross Set For Commentary Team, Streaming Dates Announced

lita jim ross mae young classic announcers commentary

The taping for the Mae Young Classic is only two weeks away … and WWE not only revealed when we can watch it, but they also announced Lita and Jim Ross will be calling the action. made it official this morning and said the the tournament will be available on-demand August 28, with the final four available on Monday, September 4.

The final match will be streamed live from Las Vegas on September 12 at 10 p.m. after Smackdown Live.

While this is part of Ross’ current contract with WWE to work at special events, this is Lita’s first foray into color commentary following her exit from the Raw pre-show last year.

Only eight competitors have officially been announced for the tournament, but two more qualified during the last set of NXT tapings — and the tournament is quickly starting to take shape ahead of its July 13 and 14 taping.

  • Bonesaw McGraw

    I was one of those people upset it was Lita announced and not Alundra. But, the fact is that Lita is really the only person from the original rise of the Divas that still wants to do more than a one-off with them.

    And for Alundra — she’s notable for being the biggest star in an era where she was also the only permanent member of their women’s division. Miceli is in the HOF for dropping a belt in a trash can. She’s known as a wrestler mostly for being in WCW, and that career alone wouldn’t have put her in the HOF.

    Lita is WWE through-and-through.

    I’d love to see Madusa come back for something because she’s clearly interested. I don’t think WWE is, though.

    • Brent B.

      Lita is simply much better on the mic and she isn’t great. Madusa is frankly a poor talker. I tried her podcast but she is just not someone you want to hear talk over 5 min at a time at best.
      it is a joke to say they are only using Lita because she is the only one who wants to do it-contradicting your own point. Yeah-sure Ivory, Jackie, Victoria and all the rest are refusing their offers.

      • Bonesaw McGraw

        None of those are on the level of a Lita or Madusa — Hall of Famers.

        And Lita may be better on the mic than Madusa but she’s not good either. She was atrocious on the pre-shows.

  • Azza

    Didn’t Lita do commentary for Sunday Night Heat back in 2002/2003? I’m looking forward to hearing what J.R. and Lita are like as a duo.