Becky Lynch “Suspended” For 60 Days, Replaced at WrestleMania by Charlotte Flair

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The internet is about to meltdown, because Becky Lynch was once again “suspended” at the end of Raw and seemingly replaced at WrestleMania by Charlotte Flair. 

The show began with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon informing Becky Lynch that her suspension was lifted and she’d be allowed back into her earned title match at WrestleMania against Ronda Rousey, but only if she apologized for attacking the McMahons. 

After fielding advice from the roster throughout the show, Lynch came out to make her decision at the end of the night. Becky then apologized as instructed, but Vince McMahon came out to say he didn’t accept. Furthermore, Vince announced Becky was now suspended 60 days. 

This would be after WrestleMania 35. 

Therefore, Vince announced her replacement — Charlotte Flair. 

Watch the video below. 

  • Bessie Ladwig

    I’m glad Vince MCMAHON. Did what he did. He’ll I would of fired Becky Lynch. Tired of her trying be A Man. When she is not. Glad Vince is back to taking charge. Its his Company. Not Stephanies not Triple H.

  • Jeremy

    I think Vince needs to retire. He no longer knows what he’s doing. Now there is no reason to watch WM35. Becky was the reason! We’ve already seen Flair vs Rousey!

    • Timothy Lane Jr.

      well said

    • wintertyme

      we all realize this is building to a triple threat right?!

  • Timothy Lane Jr.

    it should have been a triple threat match. I didnt like the call. Vince should of retired 10 years ago. So rollins will lose to brock he shouldn’t but he will. Lynch is out bye wwe just canceled the subscription after watching raw. This mania will suck hands down HHH if he gets a shot will make it better.

    • El Presidente

      You’re a mark.

  • Franco

    We’ve got 2 months for this to play out. Let’s see where they take it.

  • Louis

    I agree with Franco. Let this play out.