Paige Appears to Have Sat Ringside at Slammiversary For Alberto El Patron’s Match … Wearing a Lucha Mask

lucha mask paige slammiversary ringside

WWE superstar Paige appears to have been in attendance to support her fiancé Alberto El Patron at Slammiversary XV… even if she had to wear a lucha mask to do it.

Paige was spotted in the front row during the  Slammiversary main event last night sporting the mask of lucha libre star Dos Caras — El Patron’s dad — to avoid being seen on camera.

El Patron went on to win the unified Impact and GFW Heavyweight Championship, then reportedly cut a promo against his former employer, aka Paige’s current employer, for the live audience.

For those who aren’t convinced that’s her, another pic shows the visitor badge appearing to say Saraya Bevis … her real name. While Paige’s contract might stop her from being seen at competing wrestling events, it looks like she may have found a loophole.

Or she just doesn’t care about the consequences.

  • Bonesaw McGraw

    Good for her. I’m glad she’s turned her life around…..

  • Louis

    That’s awesome.

  • Louis

    It sucks that some nerds went out of their way to try to go all Jason Bourne and use their camera to focus on her F’n credentials. Leave the woman alone and let her watch her man.