Lio Rush Gets Married in Las Vegas (PHOTOS)

lio rush married las vegas photos

“The Man of the Hour” Lio Rush is officially a married man after tying the knot in Las Vegas! 

“I just married the love of my life and my best friend Sarah Lai Wah Green,” Rush wrote at the beginning of an emotional Instagram post to announce the news. 

The announcement continues: 

There used to be a time where i was all alone, cold, with no hope. A time where i thought love was nothing more than a sin. That i shouldn’t even entertain the idea of putting my heart into somebody else’s hands because it might as well should have been considered committing suicide. But then there was also a time, where i met a woman. A woman so perfect and so sweet. A woman that was made for me that changed it all. A woman that made me believe. A woman that made me want to put all of the those negative beliefs to rest and just be free. A woman that made me not afraid to get down on one knee asking her to marry me. 

Furthermore, Lio says after the wedding he and his bride spotted D’Lo Brown driving behind them … so they waved him down and stopped for a photo (seen in the gallery below). 

Sounds like a memorable evening!