Lilian Garcia Brought to Tears When Asked About a Possible Future Hall of Fame Induction (VIDEO)

tears lilian garcia future hall of fame induction making their way to the ring video

Former WWE announcer Lilian Garcia was brought to tears this week on her podcast after being asked about a possible future induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Garcia was interviewed by Pro Wrestling Sheet Editor-in-Chief Ryan Satin and Ashley Daniels on this week’s Making Their Way to the Ring and the emotional moment happened when Lilian was asked who she’d like to induct her into the WWE HOF one day.

The host tried her best to fight back tears, but quickly succumbed to the emotions, and ultimately couldn’t give an answer because she didn’t want to jinx anything should it ever happen.

She explained, “Seriously guys, if I ever got that call I don’t even know how I can contain myself. Like it would mean that much to me. Like this business is something I absolutely love.”

The full interview can be seen below and features Lilian talking about her first night announcing in WWE, the initial backstage heat she had for being an outsider and so much more!

Check it out below.


  • Elaine House

    She deserves to be inducted. People who say she doesn’t deserve it because she was a ring announcer is wrong. Look at gene orkerland all he did was interviews and kissed Hogan’s ass. And the celebrity wing I mean one appearance. Lillian did more for WWE than the celebrities ever did

  • Louis

    She should be inducted. Sang a couple of major theme songs for the WWE.

  • Part Timer

    the WWE hall of fame is a joke anyway. eventually everyone will be inducted as long as theyre on good terms

  • THAT guy

    I adore Lillian. She is a beautiful woman inside and out. One of the nicest and most big hearted people in this world.