Braun Strowman Says He ‘Wanted to Stomp’ Out Lavar Ball During Raw Appearance

lavar ball braun strowman stomp him out raw wwe

Just like he is in the world of basketball, LaVar Ball has also become a polarizing figure in wrestling now as well … and Braun Strowman was amongst those who didn’t enjoy his appearance on Raw.

It all went down after Corey Graves posted an Instagram photo yesterday comparing Ball and reality star Mama June with the caption “Am I the only one who drew this comparison last night?”

Several WWE stars liked the photo, but Strowman took it one step further … commenting, “Am I the only one who wanted to stomp him out in the middle of the ring?”

While it seems the Big Baller Brand enjoyed their night on Raw, we’re gonna go out on a limb and guess they won’t be sponsoring “The Monster Among Men” anytime soon.

  • commentsandsuch

    lavar ball is an interesting dude.

    • Chops_the_Clown

      said no one ever

      • commentsandsuch

        ummm no one expect Vince McMahon who thought it was a good idea to put the fool on his show – regardless, interest in him and the whole family will be moot if lonzo doesn’t live up to the hype next season.

        • Mark Kausch

          Vince also liked the Katie Vick storyline.

  • Bonesaw McGraw

    I’d pay $9.99 to watch that.

    • Nick Stromberg

      Bonesaw is ready

  • Alexander Arce

    Too bad it’s not the 1980s, because either Roddy Piper punches him or Honky Tonk Man breaks a guitar over Lavar Ball’s head.

    • Mark Kausch

      That might make me a HTM fan. For the first time.

  • Jimmy Rustler

    Why were these idiots even on Raw? They’re an embarrassment to the black race. This is why we get shot at traffic stops because they act like this. I hope the kid that got drafted gets hit by a car and his legs get amputated.

    • Terri Easter

      You are not even black so how can you speak about what is an embarrassment you racist.

      • Shannon Wable

        Youre just another person who cant wait to yell out..racist..just shhhhhhhut up.



    • ghostinrags

      ROFL! Niiiiiiiice.

    • Robert Lee Covington Sr.

      That’s wrong for you to say that, how would you feel if that was your kid. Just because his father might acted like a jerk, kids are only what they’re taught, in time they’re opinions can change, my mom taught me never to wish evil on no one, cause it could come back on you