LISTEN: Lanny Poffo Discusses ALL IN Appearance, Jay Lethal in Macho Man’s Jacket and More

lanny poffo interview all in appearance macho man randy savage jacket

Lanny Poffo talks about his appearance at ALL IN managing Jay Lethal, including how he chose which original “Macho ManRandy Savage jacket to bring to the event.

Additional topics during the conversation with Editor-in-Chief Ryan Satin include:

  • How Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks made him feel respected
  • Lethal switching wrestling styles throughout the match
  • The wrestling community continuing to pay tribute to Macho Man
  • Allowing WWE to induct his brother into the the Hall of Fame
  • Lanny’s new podcast The Genius Cast — AVAILABLE HERE

And more!


  • Louis

    For all the crap TNA got, here you have a indy/smark/mark nerdy show for the hardcore fans and what does Jay Lethal do? He comes in with his Black Machismo gimmick that he did for TNA. Basically the only thing people know or remember from Jay Lethal on a national level as most don’t care about what he does or has done in ROH.