Kevin Sullivan Receives GNARLY-LOOKING Head Welt During Match (NSFW PHOTO)

kevin sullivan welt head photo gnarly sami callihan

68-year old wrestler Kevin Sullivan got wrecked during a recent match against Sami Callihan and his opponent shared a photo of the nasty looking aftermath.

It all went down at a Rockstar Pro event in Ohio where the two wrestlers faced-off in a street fight. According to one fan in attendance, the injury (seen below) occurred after Callihan threw a chair at Sullivan’s head during the match.

“Kevin Sullivan wanted to run his mouth tonight [at Rockstar Pro Wrestling] … So he got his old ass beat,” Sami wrote on Twitter. “I don’t care who you are, or what you’ve done. Just add his name to my list of victims. My give a f*ck is broken.”

Check out the photo below and try your best not to cringe.


  • Louis

    Damn. That is a nasty knot.

    Sami’s the man.

  • Will Henderson

    god damn it Sami, quick hurting people, that’s twice you injured someone during a match, didn’t you learn your lesson from the bat incident a while back in Impact Wrestling where he messed up Eddie Edwards face with the bat to the face botch

  • John Bauer

    Sullivan is so old school that this was a total work. He probably told Sami to make it look legit and they both knew ‘something’ like this was gonna happen.

    • Mike Axelrod

      I hope you’re right. Could have gotten the same effect with a simple blade job, though.

  • Bighustle

    Knowing Sullivan this shit was a brilliant work or if not Sullivan is totally cool with it.

  • Strong Arm Tactics

    Knowing Sullivan’s history, this will be met with equal viciousness if not more.