WWE Claims Kevin Owens Suffered Knee Injuries on Raw

kevin owens injury raw bobby lashley

While it would appear to be a storyline related situation, WWE.com reports Kevin Owens suffered knee injuries on Raw at the hands of Bobby Lashley

For those who missed it, Lashley attacked the legs of Owens after defeating him on Raw by brutalizing his opponent’s knees against the steel ring post.

“Kevin Owens sustained injuries to both knees when Bobby Lashley viciously wrapped Owens’ legs around a turnbuckle after their match,” according to the statement from WWE.com. “Owens will undergo further evaluation tomorrow to determine the full extent of the damage.”

As you may recall … Owens’ character quit Monday Night Raw a few weeks ago, then randomly re-appeared as if the storyline had been abandoned. 

We’ll keep you updated once WWE releases additional information.