Kenny Omega Thinks NJPW/WWE Working Relationship Would Be Best for Business (AUDIO)

kenny omega wwe njpw working relationship interview audio

A WWE vs. NJPW event sounds like an impossible pipe dream, but Kenny Omega says he’d love to see a working relationship form between the two companies so it could happen.

Omega took part in a media call to promote NJPW‘s upcoming live G1 Special in San Francisco on AXS TV and at one point said he believes now is the time to ease up on “us vs. them” mentality.

As you may have seen, Triple H recently said WWE was open to the idea of forming working relationships with other organizations … which naturally got people talking about an NJPW alliance.

When asked about the WWE exec’s comments, Omega was on the exact same page.

“I definitely would want to see that,” he answered. “I think that nowadays, with the popularity and respect level of other sports — for example basketball, or baseball or soccer — I feel that it wouldn’t be out of place for pro wrestling to stand at the same level as those sports. And I think the only way we stand a chance at doing that is if we really band together and give them the best of the best.”

The Cleaner went on to say most “dream matches” currently on fan wishlists are, for the most part, people who compete in different promotions. This includes matches like The Elite vs. New Day or Tommaso Ciampa vs. Kenny Omega

“I think that now is a very good opportunity to cash in on that. And I believe that both parties benefit.”

Listen to the interview clip below. 

  • Will Henderson

    there’s other dream matches, i wouldn’t mind seeing Cena vs, Okada and Cena Vs. Tanahashi be dream matches as well as Reigns vs. Okada, Naito vs. Rollins, Minoru vs. anyone in WWE, and of course a Toru Yano match with Braun Strowman, just to see Yano lowblow Braun and come to regret it by “getting these hands”

  • Jon Whritenour

    no it would be bad for business. wwe would bury njpw. Vince won’t let njpw guys beat wwe guys outside of Kenny. come on omega you gotta be smarter than that.

  • FlyboyPP

    Ciampa vs Omega is a dream match nowhere

  • Louis

    Neither company needs each other in reality.

    • #WOKEN Lou DiFigliano

      WWE needs NJPW’s writers.

      • Ayoub Berrahel

        I think you mean road agents, not writers, I don’t even think New Japan has writers they just book like 1998 WWE Faction warfare and like 50 six and eight way tag matches

  • yair s

    there is a reason why you never let a wrestler run a promotion, they
    will ALWAYS fail. the best HHH can do is an indy show with vince’s
    vince mcmahon sr. broke off of the NWA and vince mcmahon jr. made wwe
    a monopoly and “the place to be” by saying ‘fuck em, my promotion will
    destroy the rest out of existence’ (and he did it, except for wcw nitro
    but thats a whole different story).