Konnan Offers Kendall Jenner Honorary Spot in NWO Wolfpac For Rocking Their Shirt

kendall jenner nwo konnan wolfpac wrestling shirt

Kendall Jenner was seen sporting an NWO Wolfpac shirt this week … and now she’s being offered an honorary role in the group by one it’s original members, who thought it was awesome.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star walked the runway at Michael Kors fashion show in New York on Tuesday wearing the famous NWO Black and Red shirt. Same for when she left.

The Sheet spoke with original Wolfpac member Konnan — who hosts Keepin’ it 100 on iTunes — and he told us, “Kendall showing love to the Wolfpac is too sweet. She just got super over with me!”

The Outsiders also chimed in on social media. Kevin Nash shared a photo of Kendall rocking the famous shirt and Scott Hall tweeted saying “#ChicksDigWrestlers.”

Konnan finished by offering an invite to Jenner … saying, “Wolfpac always welcomes cool members, so hit me up anytime Kendall and we’ll make you an official part of the family.”

4 Life.

  • Rinse Vusso

    Ridiculous. Was she even born when the NWO was a thing? Bet she has no idea what it means, that it’s just another Illuminati-themed shirt… this is Konnan trying to get headlines, and it worked on at least one person.

    • Debbie

      I agree. It’s sad that they think she’s a fan.

  • C. Archer

    Konnan has no authority to make that invite he was just a nWo lackey; Big Kev or Hollywood would have to make that call 😉