Ken Anderson — Failed Drug Test Led to TNA Release

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Ken Anderson was released from TNA Wrestling after he failed a drug test … and multiple backstage sources tell us it was given to him after he appeared to be under the influence during a match.

Sources with knowledge of the situation tell us the match against Eric Young was supposed to air on January 19th, but Anderson looked so bad in the ring they had to remove it from the show.

We’re told he was immediately forced to take a drug test backstage, then sent home.

As we previously reported, Ken recently proclaimed “F**K TNA” at an ICW show while announcing he was no longer with the company.

Pro Wrestling Sheet attempted to reach Anderson for comment.  So far, no word back.

We also attempted to reach TNA officials for comment.  No word back either, but sources tell us management is hoping Ken gets some sort of treatment.

  • Isaac K

    What an idiot, God bless you with a gift to be successful in life, and you just as so many other’s blow it on using drugs. Like Mrs. Nancy Reagan said, Just Say No.

    • Daniel

      God giveth, but god also taketh.

  • Sheiky Baby

    Break his back–make him humble!

  • Anonymous


  • http://pro%20%20wrestling%20sheet The Menace at hand

    Sheesh, not again. As much as I like Anderson, if he truly has a drug problem, then I wish he’d get the help he needs. As it stands, he’s a liability not only to himself, but to those he wrestles. We do not need another Jeff Hardy situation.

  • http://Bleachers Susie

    Stupid stupid with all the money you have why do drugs you above all knew the consequences

    • http://pro%20%20wrestling%20sheet The Menace at Hand

      May not be as simple as that. Drugs can have a terrible hold on a person. And it sounds like Anderson may be in the midst of a very real crisis. Hope he wises up and gets the help he needs.

  • Anonymous


  • Bill Bexley

    Dumb jackass that Ken Anderson is.

    • http://pro%20%20wrestling%20sheet The Menace at Hand

      All too true, since he had this issue when he was with WWE. some people just can’t help but be their own worst enemy.