Kairi Sane Sustained a Concussion During Mae Young Classic Tapings

kairi sane hojo concussion wwe mae young classic taping

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned Kairi Sane is currently on the injured list after the recent WWE signee sustained a concussion during the Mae Young Classic tapings.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us the wrestler formerly known as Kairi Hojo is also dealing with some neck pain … but officials expect her to be cleared for return in early August. 

It’s unclear which match the injury occurred during, or how exactly it went down.


Because officials have been told Kairi will get the green-light next month, the injury shouldn’t stop her from wrestling in September at the MYC finals in Las Vegas.

  • Louis

    She’s a bit older than the rest of the female roster with a longer resume working strong style Japanese wrestling. I am not surprised that she is getting injured so quickly. Something to keep an eye on.

  • Robert Miqueli

    I didn’t know being 28 was old, then Asuka must be ancient at 35

  • Alexander G

    That’s the one thing about wrestling in Japan. All that working stiff and blitzy sooner or later catches up on you, long term. What has always astounded me the most however is how resilient so many of their wrestlers are. The incredible and storied injury histories of Kobashi, Hokuto, Takahashi, etc., only for them to still have the great careers they had.