Former WWE Wrestler Justin Credible Avoids Jail Time After Posting Alarming Footage Online (VIDEO)

justin credible avoids jail time alarming video

Former ECW and WWE wrestler Justin Credible says he could go to jail soon over an arrest that took place earlier this year … however, we’ve learned he recently caught a break in the case.

Credible — real name PJ Polaco — posted a YouTube video Tuesday evening saying, “I simply got arrested for threatening someone who I love and would never hurt, or touch.”

“Yet tomorrow I face, at 9am in the morning, I face jail time and I have not had a public defender get back to me.” He adds, “I have worked for 23 years for the World Wrestling Entertainment company, I’m a former world champion, and my life is on the line here. And it’s very scary.”

Pro Wrestling Sheet checked with court officials in Connecticut and here’s what happened.

We’re told Credible was arrested in March for disorderly conduct and threatening in the second degree. Since it was a domestic situation, a protective order was issued.

Court officials say on Wednesday the case was continued till September 13 and a decision was made to have Polaco supervised by a family relations officer until then. We’re told jail time isn’t usually involved when this happens. Instead, the offender is put into a program afterward.

We’ll update you after his next court date.

  • Leah Bordow

    What I find really interesting about this is that I know people that have worked with him and they all tell me he’s cheap and he’s an asshole. Hmm

    • Cici Mora

      I meet hem few times always nice,everybody has there days I do, what does being a cheap ass I’m a cheap add & tight ass 😅.have to do with anything🤔

      • Randomname88

        It shows how bad an attitude he has towards those that work for him and how he has to hold something over everyone. To this article, it means, I believe that he did do what they say he did. He’s got drug and alcohol issues too from what’s been said to me and read in the past so I wouldnt be surprised if he doesnt even remember.

  • Louis

    This mofo fell on some hard times since ECW ended. So sad.

  • Donald Clark

    If he does go to jail will he change his name to Justin Carcerated

    • Andrew Gasperski

      what a darn thing to say…but damn it sure made me laugh 😉 LoL

    • Barlo Tardy

      You just won the internet for the day. Bravo sir!