Justin Credible Arrested by Police for Second Time in One-Month Period

justin credible arrested

Former WWE star Justin Credible is back behind bars — this time for violating a restraining order.

This marks the second time Credible has been in jail in the last 30 days.  Last month, we reported law enforcement in Connecticut booked him for violation of a protective order as well.

This time around, Justin was arrested Wednesday with bond set at $50,000.  That’s much higher than his last arrest — where he was held on $7,500 bond.

Additional charges listed include “disorderly conduct” and assault in the 3rd degree.

Following July’s run-in with the law, the wrestler told Pro Wrestling Sheet, “I promise to my fans, my friends and my family that the man Peter Polaco will never be a negative headline again, and the character Justin Credible still has many great moments left.”

Also in that statement, Justin mentioned his battles with addiction — and noted his marriage has had ups and downs.

Last year, an order was issued for his wife following a domestic dispute.  One would presume the restraining involved with his latest arrest was tied to his marriage.

We’ll report back once more information is made available by authorities.


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