Joey Ryan — Debuts YouPorn-Inspired Gear … They’ve Got My Ass Covered

Joey Ryan youporn trunks gear wrestling

“The King of Dong Style” Joey Ryan is taking his relationship with YouPorn to the next level … the wrestler just debuted new gear which prominently features the company’s logo over his ass.

Joey debuted the YouPorn Sports attire at Brian Kendrick‘s Wrestling Pro Wrestling show in Southern California during a winning match against Brian Cage.

Sporting a sponsor logo on your trunks isn’t often seen in wrestling — Brock Lesnar being one of the few who does it — and could hopefully open the door for others to make some cash off their trunks.

Now watch this video of Cage falling victim to the YouPorn Plex.

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  • Johnny

    I wonder what James E. Cornette might think of this recent event of merch. ? He would be excited or have high blood pressure. By going off. On this on His Podcast. (Which is great BTW) lol

    Anyways Ryan a fellow Angel’s fan is a selfmade man in this business who doesn’t need the big company to make money, just like Colt Cabana. Another of Cornette’s favorite wrestler.

    It does go to show you “Funny equals Money” 😀