Joey Janela Could Be Out of Action Up to 10 Months Following Injury

joey janela injured injury 10 months

The Bad BoyJoey Janela filmed a video to update his fans on the injury he recently suffered … and the diagnosis isn’t good.

In case you missed it, Joey’s injury occurred during a match against Psychosis at a GCW event. 

Janela states in the video he shared on Wednesday that MRI results show the following injuries:

  • Complete or near complete PCL tear
  • Complete tear of the MCL distally 
  • Impaction fracture of the medial femoral condyle
  • Mild bone contusion of the lateral tibial plateau
  • Sprain of the fibular collateral ligament 
  • Partial tear of the medial patellofemoral ligament  
  • ACL sprain
  • Small knee effusion 

Bottom line, Joey is going to require surgery that could see him on the shelf for up to 10 months.

Watch the video update below. 


  • Louis

    That’s terrible. He was riding a great momentum.

    This is why when a top indie guy gets a call from the WWE, you go. And why all top indie talent should go and ignore the smark / marks who say, “Don’t go. It’s too crowded. WWE won’t know what to do with you.”

    Now, a guy like Joey Janella will have no income for almost a year and add to that the medical bills that he will have to pay.

    Pentagon and Fenix should learn from this.