WWE Hall of Famer Set to Appear At WrestleMania 33 in Guest Announcing Role

jim ross wrestlemania 33 guest announcer wwe

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned a WWE Hall of Fame legend will be calling a match at WrestleMania 33 — so those of you who don’t wanna be spoiled, be warned … this is your last chance to click away.

Multiple sources tell us Jim Ross will once again get behind a WWE headset after agreeing to the idea weeks ago. At this point, it’s unclear which match he’ll be doing play-by-play for.

However, one can only assume they’d want his legendary voice for Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg or Roman Reigns vs. The Undertaker.

For those unaware, Ross was forced to retire from WWE in 2013 after a panel he hosted went awry.

We’re told it’s believed JR will also be appearing on WWE Network programs in the future.

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  • Byro

    “For those unaware, Ross was forced to retire from WWE in 2008 after a panel he hosted went awry.”

    Wasn’t that in 2013?

  • Markeith Jones

    There’s literally no other person a big deal would’ve been made of them guest announcing.

  • FriscoKTank

    I’m glad this is happening for him. Clearly he could use a great moment like this now.

  • Jericho51

    King and JR to send Taker into retirement…No better way in my opinion..Thanks Vince

    • Raul Luevano

      Goddammit, So it IS Taker’s last match huh. This is a once in a lifetime chance, the last time to see wrestlemania’s greatest performer, wwe’s greatest superstar and 1 of the greates of all time, We won’t be saying that in future for today’s superstars. How many of them are left, Undertaker this is so sad, tears r coming out, If Austin doesn’t come back….. maan.

  • Louis

    Nice. Makes sense and a nice thing to do for JR especially now. I think he will call Taker’s match.

  • Louis

    There is more to that. Pwinsider is adding that JR signed a new contract with the WWE and will return on a part time basis and his first day back will be WM.

    • decimusblack

      Im surprised he has not request time off to mourn his wifes death, possibly after?
      she died riding a vespa scooter. multiple fractures to skull , she died hours later in the hospital, that
      must be devastating.

      • Louis

        He addressed that a couple of days ago. He said that he was opting to cancel his events for wrestlemania weekend. But he he said that his wife would not have wanted him to do that and that she would have encouraged him to go. JR also added that he would feel more comfortable being among colleagues and fans during this time.

  • ShadowBroker

    I feel like this site doesn’t know what this date is.