Jim Ross Diagnosed With Fractured Vertebrae

jim ross fractured vertebrae

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross says he’s been diagnosed with a fractured vertebrae after injuring himself last summer … but the wrestling legend will most likely not require surgery.

Ross got an MRI done on his back this week after putting it off for months and tweeted saying, “Results: I’ve been diagnosed with a fractured vertebrae.”

Sources tell us surgery is unlikely, but the announcer is waiting to see a specialist just in case.

Good Ol’ JR finished his tweet writing, “Worry not about the mules, just load the damn wagon!”


  • Louis

    Damn. He needs a weed wacker.

  • Louis

    I just need weed.

  • Bloundier Marâcàna

    My prayers goes for Jim Ross and his family. May he recovers as soon as possible.

    Get well soon good ol’ JR