Jim Ross Says He Got Emotional Following “All In” Sellout (AUDIO)

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While some fans were weeping over missed opportunities to score tickets to All-In, wrestling legend Jim Ross says he got emotional for a very different reason after learning the event sold out.

Ross revealed the news to Cody Rhodes during the latest episode of his podcast and said, “I got emotional. I didn’t get emotional because you sold all your tickets … but what I got emotional [about] was how it would’ve affected ‘The Dream’ if he had been here.”

Ross was a longtime friend of Dusty Rhodes and considered him a mentor.

“It moved me because he would’ve been so proud of you guys,” Ross continued.

Listen to the full conversation below, which begins with the above convo at the 22 minute mark — and make sure you stick around to hear Jim’s pitch for a barbecue tailgate outside the Sears Centre.

  • Louis

    Dusty would also have been proud that Cody is going to book himself to win the NWA title from Nick Aldis in a non dream match that will suck with these two.