Jim Johnston Opens Up About WWE Departure

jim johnston wwe firing departure composer

Former WWE composer Jim Johnston has opened up about his recent firing and clearly sounds disappointed over how it all ended.

Johnston was a guest on the Prime Time with Sean Mooney podcast this week and said things started to change for him in WWE about 3-4 years ago due to politics behind the scenes. He wouldn’t go into detail, but says he trusted friends “who turned out not to be friends.”

Coincidentally, or maybe not, CFO$ began to produce music for WWE around the same time.

As for his firing, it was done by Vince McMahon during a brief phone conversation. “I think there were better ways to end it where everyone could’ve walked away with a much better feeling,” Johnston explained. “After 32 years, it feels like a lost opportunity to me and I don’t really understand it.”

The full interview includes Jim talking about how he got into the business, what goes into making songs, his feelings on WWE TV not featuring credits and much more.

Check it out below.

  • Bonesaw McGraw

    I wonder if tHere’s anyone in a position of power wHo hasn’t used a Jim JoHnston song since 1999?

  • Louis

    I like his music instead of CFO’s.

  • Kelly

    Sir you are far from a composer, your a hack, always was! You single handidly botched the Smackdown Records label with your greed, and your notion that you would somehow be a better label president than a 30 year Sony guy, and a long time Columbia guy You stole publishing from artists and Vince, after vince coddled you w a 3 million dollar studio. He should have fired you in 2002! You have never been on stage, or a band or had a record deal. Your a Zero buddy!!

    • Danny King

      How many stages, bands or record deals have you had? And fuck, it’s you’re, not your, that post was cringe to read.

      • Kelly

        Aww Did I insult “your” buddy?? I was signed to WWE Smackdown Records. Also had 2 additional International record deals, still have one. Been touring the planet since 1988 J.J. IS a no talent, scumbag. He deserves a stiff kick in the nuts! Glad Vince gave it to him!

        • Ever

          Sure you did, Kelly.

        • Joe Bates


          • Kelly

            What is bullshit?

        • TheOrangeMatty

          I assume you have proof?.

          • Kelly

            Proof of what? That I had a deal w Smackdown?

          • TheOrangeMatty

            Yes and also the claims you have made about Jim Johnston as well because if they are true then that’s pretty crazy as I couldn’t seem to find anything online about them…

      • Kelly

        “That post was cringe to read” is an improper sentence!