Jerry Lawler and Lita — Removed from Pre-Show Panel

removed pre show panel jerry lawler lita wwe

The WWE pre-shows will be light on legends in the near future … because Jerry Lawler and Lita have been removed from the panel of hosts.

The Wrestling Observer reports that both have now been taken off of regular weekly programming — which includes the pre-shows for Raw, Smackdown Live and pay-per-view events.

Lawler resumed announcing on SD after his suspension was lifted in July. Later that month he was shuffled to the pre-show panel after the WWE Draft.

Following the recent decision by the powers-that-be, The King has been retweeting unhappy fans.

As for Lita, it was reported earlier this year that she was shifting from her backstage producer role and would become an on-air presence for the pre-shows. No word as to what she’ll be doing next, but Jim Ross tweeted saying she’s no longer affiliated with the company.

One source, however, tells us both are still under legends deals and could be brought back on occasion.

  • Carl Markau

    Jerry Lawler no longer being on the preshows is most definitely a huge positive,it’s addition by subtraction.His demographic is the over 50 age group, he cannot begin to relate to today’s fan base.WWE should have cut ties with him in July when the domestic violence incident took place. I can now go Babcock to watching the preshows again now that that liability has exited stage left!!