Jeff Jarrett — Returning to TNA as Executive Consultant, ‘It’s Great For the Wrestling Business’

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Pro Wrestling Sheet has confirmed that Jeff Jarrett will be returning to the company at tonight’s television taping … and we’re told his new role is Executive Consultant.

Jarret’s return was first reported by PWInsider and we’re told he’s already at the Impact Zone working on the show. Same for Dutch Mantel, aka former WWE manager Zeb Colter, who is also returning to TNA as a creative consultant.

Jeff was an original TNA founder, but left the company in 2013. He returned a year later to get inducted in their Hall of Fame and behind the scenes Dixie Carter bought his shares in the company.

Jarrett launched Global Force Wrestling during his time away, and we’re told GFW wasn’t included in his deal to return due to previous contractual obligations for the wrestling fed.

We reached out to Jeff for comment and he told us, “This is a great opportunity for myself and GFW. And, I feel it’s great for the wrestling business.”

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  • Russian Bear

    This actually sounds good. Consultant is better than having final say, when it comes to Jarrett.

    • #RBV

      I have to agree. I popped a little bit when I read the headline. This sounds like it could be a great role for him.

  • Rinse Vusso

    So Jarrett and Mantel are supposed to bring wrestling into the future? Strange choice. I don’t see wrestling coming out of its rut anytime soon.

    • Lexi Express

      Mantel likes old school meat and potatoes booking but he’s still very much on the ball. He championed the Knockouts which led to women’s wrestling coming back to the mainstream and his work with Angle and Joe was TNA’s peak.