Jeff Jarrett to Tag with FITE TV for New ‘Global Force’ Content

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If you thought newly-inducted WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett was going to bask in the golden glow of his new ring and sit on the sidelines in retirement, you were definitely mistaken.

FITE TV announced on Thursday that they’ll be working with Jarrett’s Global Force Entertainment to develop sports entertainment content for its digital, live streaming network. 

Jeff is described in the announcement released by the company as an “innovator in the development of professional wrestling content.” 

“FITE TV is the future of how fans will be watching their favorite combat sports programing,” Jarrett noted in the news release. “This is the right place for GFE programing.”

The company’s lineup of wrestling currently includes Ring of Honor, Shine, Defiant Wrestling, and other independent promotions. FITE says new programming produced alongside Jarrett will be announced at some point over the summer.

Global Force Entertainment had previously been tied with Impact Wrestling, but that relationship was terminated in October 2017. Impact still has a streaming service, however, called the Global Wrestling Network — which was recently plugged on WWE Network

  • Sycho Vicious Sid Justice

    You buried the lead. Global Force Wrestling is now known as Global Force Entertainment? What the hell? When did this happen? Anyways. This will fail.

    • Chris King

      If it does, it’s probably because of people like you.

      • Sycho Vicious Sid Justice

        And people like you can kiss my ass.

        • Chris King

          And people like you can go lay down and have some pups.

          • Sycho Vicious Sid Justice

            Go fuck yourself, bitch.

  • Louis

    This will suck.

    • Meaurysse

      With the Global Wrestling Network from Impact Wrestling and now the Global Force Entertainment…. Fans will not understand what the difference is…

  • Bluto

    Jarrett is the Bill Clinton of pro wrestling.

  • Meaurysse

    Pffff… I was so excited to see the GFW grow again with Jeff jarrett, a six sided ring, new superstars and more…… but it’s dead…..