Promoter Claims Jeff Jarrett Passed Out From Drinking in Locker Room and Insisted on Wrestling (VIDEO)

jeff jarrett rcw drunk

Jeff Jarrett allegedly passed out from drinking in a locker room at an indie show on Friday, then insisted on wrestling — and this video sadly shows he was in no condition to be in the ring.

Real Canadian Wrestling promoter Steven Ewaschuk tells us Jeff showed up to the venue late on Friday and appeared to be slightly intoxicated, while claiming his tardiness was due to a customs issue.

Jarrett allegedly said he had trouble at the border and an agent allowed him into Canada under the condition that he’d be back at the airport by 6am the next morning to handle everything.

Ewaschuk claims Jeff Jarrett continued to drink and ultimately passed out in the locker room during the show. When intermission began, he had to be woken up for pictures.  Jeff then got ready for his match, despite suspicion that he was still drinking, and attempted to wrestle a twenty-minute match.

Before the match, Double J’s music hit for his entrance but the wrestler didn’t come out. His opponent then got on the microphone and said Jeff was upstairs getting drunk. Jeff finally hit the ring moments later and for about ten minutes the two wrestlers stalled for time.

After the event was over, the promoter paid the 50-year-old and expressed his unhappiness over the situation. Jarrett said he’d update them on the border situation, but never did. Instead, they found out the following day when JJ never arrived in Edmonton for his next booking with them.

It’s unclear if this situation had anything to do with his Impact Wrestling termination.

The video below was provided to us by RCW and features parts of the match. At one point Jeff picks up his opponent for a bodyslam and falls over. Moments later he does his strut in a wobbly line.

UPDATE: We reached out to Jeff for comment and he denied passing out in the locker room. He also referred to the promoter as an “amateur.”

  • Bonesaw McGraw

    Sorry to make light of a sad situation… but 50 year old drunk Jeff Jarrett is still a smoother worker than Enzo.

  • Louis

    Just sad and pathetic. And for Jeff to blame someone else. Jeff, get the damn help.

  • Will Henderson

    i wonder if Jeff Jarrett is not only a alcoholic, but most likely hook on opioid painkillers too.

  • Steven Millan

    We can all loudly hear that “boom” of the continuous downfall of Jeff Jarrett’s career and his GFW federation.

  • Voltron

    If i had to wrestle on shows with scrubs like this I’d be drunk too

  • Chris King

    When does it show him drunk?