Jeff Jarrett Addresses Alberto El Patron Suspension During Media Conference Call

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GFW’s Chief Creative Officer Jeff Jarrett addressed the elephant in the room before a media conference call on Wednesday … saying that the domestic violence investigation into Alberto El Patron won’t cause them to edit the champion out of their recently taped shows.

Jarrett kicked off the phoner by calling the situation unfortunate and reiterated that GFW/Anthem officials are still digging into the matter on their own to find out what exactly happened.

Jeff also claims he’s spoken with CEOs from various companies for advice on what he should do, but admitted that there’s “never an absolutely correct decision to make.”

JJ says he addressed everyone in the office today before a production meeting and told them the responsibility of the company being involved in this situation is on his shoulders — but he wants to make the best decision for the company.

The media was told that no further questions were allowed, but someone asked if El Patron would be edited out of their recently taped shows anyway.

Jarrett answered saying they don’t plan to take it out because that would “further damage the brand.”

He also made it sound like they’d be keeping the title on Alberto, for now.

  • Torcha

    So, frankly, Jeff doesn’t give a shit. Ugh.