Jeff Hardy Filmed Ultimate Deletion Cameo Prior to DWI Arrest

jeff hardy ultimate deletion wwe arrest dwi driving while impaired

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned Jeff Hardy filmed a cameo in the upcoming Ultimate Deletion, shot just a few days before his recent arrest.

PWInsider reported last week that the match was filmed at the Hardy Compound in North Carolina on Thursday — two days before the arrest — and we’re told Jeff made an on-camera appearance, though it’s unclear what they had him do.

As we previously reported, the WWE star was booked into custody on Saturday around 10:30 pm for DWI after apparently running off the roadway and striking a guardrail. Jeff  reportedly submitted to a breath test before his arrest and allegedly blew more than three times the legal limit.

No announcement has been made as to when the match will air, but the preview for Raw this evening reads like we’ll finally get a better answer tonight.

  • PurpleHaze

    Deleted While Intoxicated

    • Mark Kausch

      This SHOULD NOT be funny.

      …but it is.

  • Louis

    Final Deletion > Ultimate Deletion

  • Louis

    This Woken Matt stuff is a mess. Nothing is going right.

    • Lou DiFigliano

      I mean, Jeff’s injury seemed to force WWE to pull the trigger on Broken Matt earlier than they should’ve. I feel like they were hoping to wait til around now to make the change.

      • Louis

        On a sidenote: I am surprised Packers let Jordy Nelson go. I would like The Giants to pick him up, though.

        • Lou DiFigliano

          I was quite shocked myself. I understand why they did it… But, still question it. Didn’t sound like the g-men were on his short list, but good luck!

          • Louis

            Nelson signed with Raiders.

      • Louis

        Although Jimmy Graham is a great pick up.

  • BleepBleepBeep

    Just a midcard thing anyway, always was.

    Wonder if this means Jeff won’t be running matches with AJ, Balor, and Rollins?