ROH “Investigating” Allegations Made Against Jay Lethal by Former Valet Taeler Hendrix

roh ring of honor statement investigating jay lethal taeler hendrix allegations

Ring of Honor has released a statement about allegations made this week by former talent Taeler Hendrix, who claims her House of Truth stablemate Jay Lethal said she was taken off TV for not sleeping with him.

It all started on social media this week when Hendrix tweeted negative comments about Lethal. After a fan defended him … she wrote, “the dude your standing up for is the same dude that told me because I didn’t sleep with him they sabotaged me and took me off TV. that being the all mighty Jay.”

Hours later she followed it up with an additional statement:

“I know this is going to be on wrestling sites. My name is Taeler & this is my statement: attorneys on my behalf have an ongoing investigation. I know I’m not the only one & ppl that have known of this investigation have been supportive. I’ll continue to fight for what’s right.Let the hate roll in. Doesn’t change what happened. I came forward privately long ago & now it’s public. If I stay silent I’ll be part of the problem. I can’t live w/ that. I’ll fight for what’s right. Threatening me/supposed burned bridges changes nothing. Let the hate roll in.”

For those unfamiliar, Hendrix worked in ROH from 2015-2017 and was Lethal’s valet during his first run as World Champion. Jay recently regained the title at a TV taping.

A rep for ROH released a statement to PWTorch saying:

We were troubled to hear the allegations that surfaced last night on Twitter. We take these matters very seriously and will be investigating this situation thoroughly, reviewing all evidence related to the matter. Ring of Honor strives to provide an environment and workplace where male and female wrestlers are free from any misconduct or abuse. We will take appropriate action upon the conclusion of our findings.

Pro Wrestling Sheet reached out to Lethal for comment but have yet to hear back. 

  • Jonas LaClaque

    fire the douchebag

    • Jimmy Anderson

      Why because someone said they did something without proof?

  • Louis

    Jay wanted to play with those white boobies.

  • Louis

    Man, if any of this is true, Jay will never be hired by the WWE.

    • Jimmy Anderson

      If it’s true.. And so far seems not to be the case.

  • H!& Sóttę RPG 3K

    Time will tell about Lethal’s allegations and the woman who claimed such stuff against the former.
    May justice gets served to the deserving side! 😐😐😐

  • Juan Mendez

    The problem as I see it is the following. JAY LETHAL WAS NEVER THE BOOKER!. He is on the roster. Delirious is the if for the sake of arguement Jay said “I don’t want to work with her anymore”. The decision is still up to the booker. Now if Delirious saw no value in Taeler as a talent past being a valet its his call. And frankly in the ring as a wrestler she’s never entertained me and as a valet she was just kind of there. Good looking but certainly not necessary to anything. She had a cop of coffee in TNA. WWE ignores her pleas to be in the Mae Young Classic. She isn’t exactly lighting up the world getting booked everywhere..maybe she should look in the mirror and accept she was never that good to begin with instead of picking the week the guy becomes champion to get attention. The talent levels are nowhere near equal. Neither are the personal reputations.